Tuesday, June 30, 2009


HELLO, I'm FRANK, My father started taking me hunting and fishing when I was old enough to walk. Dad used to say that when I was in the woods I was running wild. Well I'm a lot older now and my running has slowed to a real slow walk. The time I spend out in the OUTDOORS is very precious and I enjoy every minute. The sounds, the smells, the peace of mind that I get from being OUTDOORS. Sometimes I wonder if anyone feels that way too. I try to keep that feeling as long as I can and share it with others by pictures. It's getting harder to find places that have not been molested by people. I think it is saddening that there is not many places we can go that you can stand in one spot and turn around in a full circle and not see where people have left there mark or trash. Now days there are more and more people venturing farther into the OUTDOORS and wilderness and in some cases that is a good thing, it helps some people understand just how beautiful the OUTDOORS really is. Lets all enjoy it and preserve the OUTDOORS for all the generations to come. So I ask that when anyone goes OUTDOORS, in the woods, the parks, or anywhere, please pick up after ourselves so we can all enjoy what our relatives left us. It's our OUTDOORS, lets all care for it, and LETS ALL ENJOY IT!!!


A lot of people love to hunt, I enjoy stalking in the OUTDOORS and sitting and watching game. To me its not as much about a kill as it is just being OUTDOORS, taking pictures and enjoying the peace of mind I get from watching everything. Of coarse I'll drop a buck or even a doe if my freezer is low or out of meat. I hunt all kinds of animals, with a bow or a rifle depending on the season. Around here a couple weeks before bow season starts the traffic on our dirt road picks up a lot. They drive the back roads at night or even in broad daylight an shoot deer. Most of these people cut off the hind legs or cut out the back straps and throw the deer in the ditch. I've seen some that just cut off the antlers and left the deer OUTDOORS to rot. That's just wrong, these people don't have game, that's just killing to be killing. The question is OUTDOORS: HOW FAR IS TOO FAR? Last year someone shot five does at night, cut the meat off the back legs and cut out the back straps and thew them on the side of the road not even a half mile from my house. There were deer bodies in garbage bags a little bit down the road from that. I might could understand if someones family was starving, but if that was the case, they would have taken the whole deer. These kind of things have been going on for the last six years that I've lived here. Maybe I should sit OUTDOORS in the edge of the wood line and video some of these travesties and turn it over to the authorities for prosecution. Perhaps this will slow that kind of activity in this area anyway.


I live in a sweet valley surrounded by what some folks call mountains. I've lived all over the country and I've spent the biggest part of my life OUTDOORS. When I'm not hunting or fishing I really like to take my knife or bow just walk the OUTDOORS and see what I can find. Some of the things that I find is somebodies garbage, or someone has spray painted names and graffiti on the natural rocks and cliffs. It really sucks that some people have such little respect for the OUTDOORS that they feel they have to ruin it. My father always told me to try to leave nothing but footprints. When I was in the Marine Corp I was taught that if it don't grow it don't show. We all need to pick up after ourselves, and maybe our children can go out and enjoy the OUTDOORS without finding someones garbage. Lets all try to leave things better than we found it, for our children and there children and so on and so on. Its really easy if you try just PICK IT UP.