Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I live in a sweet valley surrounded by what some folks call mountains. I've lived all over the country and I've spent the biggest part of my life OUTDOORS. When I'm not hunting or fishing I really like to take my knife or bow just walk the OUTDOORS and see what I can find. Some of the things that I find is somebodies garbage, or someone has spray painted names and graffiti on the natural rocks and cliffs. It really sucks that some people have such little respect for the OUTDOORS that they feel they have to ruin it. My father always told me to try to leave nothing but footprints. When I was in the Marine Corp I was taught that if it don't grow it don't show. We all need to pick up after ourselves, and maybe our children can go out and enjoy the OUTDOORS without finding someones garbage. Lets all try to leave things better than we found it, for our children and there children and so on and so on. Its really easy if you try just PICK IT UP.


  1. Nice looking knife! I have a hunting knife that my husband gave me and has an Old English Burl Handle and on the blade is the inscription, 'Marian - A wife, friend, and hunting buddy. Love Bob'

  2. Your knife sounds like a good one, and with the sentimental value it sounds like keepsake to be passed down when the time is right, like a family heirloom. THANK YOU again for everything.