Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm a hunter by nature, I love hunting and provide meat for my family. Three years ago I was driving home and I saw a big snapping turtle walking down the road, It was like it was out for a stroll around the country side.

I know it was looking for another pond or water source. So I stopped and picked it up and was going to take it to one of my favorite fishing ponds.

Well we lived in town at that time and I put the snapper in a big trough to keep it until I could take it to the pond. I told my neighbor what I was going to do, and he said that he wanted to take it to the river. I said alright and I had to make a run to Denver, so I trusted him. When I got back I saw a turtle shell on his picnic table. I asked him what happened and he told me that the turtle died.

Well about two days later I heard him bragging to someone that the turtle snapped at him and he put the turtle in a cut off 55 gal. drum of boiling water, not to eat but to teach that turtle a lesson. We used to turtle hunt for meat and to have a turtle cook out in the summer. But to KILL it for doing what snapping turtles do to defend themselves is just mean. WHY KILL NEEDLESSLY!!

CRUELTY: Last summer some horses got out of their pasture on the next road over from our house, and when I was coming home from work I saw a man in the road with his truck and trailer and he was trying to load them into the trailer. Well my semi kind of spooked the horses and I stopped to help. The horses were not wanting to go in the trailer at all and I watched that man whip one of the horses until it Pissed on itself. No matter what I said the man wouldn't stop.

Then I finally convinced him to go get the other horse and I would load this one. I walked the horse around a little while and talked to it so it would calm down and then the horse lead right into the trailer. Hunting is one thing, but CRUELTY is unacceptable!!!

You can do a lot more with animals through kindness than you can by brute force.
Right now I have 13 wolf hybrids a donkey and a pet opossum.

I don't have any trouble with my critters. I don't need to beat them to get them to listen, they do it because were friends, some times I have to talk to then like I,m the boss but my bark is worse than my bite.


  1. Is your neighbor still your friend or just your neighbor? Cruelty too animals doesn't seem to fit with true hunters and fisherman. Too sad!

  2. Howdy Mel, I'm afraid that he is not my neighbor or friend anymore, he is just a person that I know. I moved shortly after that incident to the same house we lived in before we had to move to town, I really dislike living in town, I just got back from taking a walk around the property here and I saw a Beautiful little spotted fawn and it wasn't 100 yards from my back door. Good walk, but it sure was hot out there. HAVE A NICE DAY!!

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  4. I don't understand people these days...It's terrible that some do not care about animals. They must be some kind of sickos!

  5. People like your neighbor just like feeling as though they have power. I cherish life. when I take an animals life it is to extend mine. that is nature. I have always been uncomfortable with people who kill for sport. I never feel sad when I kill a turkey. I feel excited because of the accomplishment and I love turkey breasts. We are so far away from our food today that people either respect animals to much or don't respect them at all (we can't survive without animals) Maybe good old fashioned common sense will make a comback, until then I will keep providing myself with food and enjoying the hunt for the next venison steak or raspberry pie.
    Your pal the Envirocapitalist

  6. Welcome I love to hunt and fish and try to provide my family with the wholesome goodness the outdoors has to offer. I think some people think they have to kill to feel superior or maybe they are so insecure with themselves that they have to kill to make themselves feel better. I think that is a sad thing. Like I said I love to hunt but I try not to kill anything I don't intend to eat. Thanks for joining I'll be creating more posts this week. Hope you enjoy them.

  7. Frank, Just came across your blog whilst killing time waiting for my curry to cook! I'm pleased that i have and if you don't mind i'll tag along for a while. Agree with your sentiments and that of the others - there should be no place for cruelty, as hunters, fishers, trappers or just being of the outdoor ilk we all carry this responsibilty.

  8. Great post, Frank. I am angered by people killing just to kill or injuring an animal like those horses. I have had encounters like that and have actually had a very direct discussion with the person in question who was 'getting their animal to understand and it was none-of-my-business.' I briefly mentioned one more shot to that animal would be my last straw. He thought about it and stopped, for the time being. I then turned him in to animal control. I refuse to sit idly by and watch someone hurt an animal because of their shortcomings.